About Red Giraffe

Collaboration | Transparency | Excellence

We believe in better.

Because better doesn’t live in silos and never stops evolving. Because better knows that best is only temporary. We are Red Giraffe. We exist to make the world a better experience – for your customers and thus your brand.



Our curiosity is the fuel that allows us to understand the problems businesses face.


We leverage the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions. 


We respond quickly and effectively to seize opportunities and navigate uncertainties.

Our Values


Open, honest and straightforward. We truly believe it to be the only way to build lasting relationships.


Start with respect and it grows into admiration. Partnerships thrive when we overcome the problems together.


Developing close, honest relationships with our clients means we are genuinely driven to see them find success. 

Meet the founder

Nilesh Gupta

Nilesh is a professional who wears many hats as the founder of Red Giraffe Digital in the pursuit of delivering incredible value to its clients. A consultant at heart, he loves solving problems by helping clients innovate & to think out of the box. He brings diverse experience ranging from advertising & marketing, software engineering, consulting and data science.

He has worked with and consulted with startups to large corporates and all the sizes in-between in Automotive, Power & Energy, Renewable Energy & Carbon, Industrial/B2B manufacturing and B2C e-Commerce. With a strong eye for design, he loves to tinker with data + code and is an AI & ML evangelist. His interests lie at the intersection of data, technology and behavior psychology.

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